Juan Antonio Muro

Gallery Aarni, Espoo 2008

AARNI-Gallery, Espoo, Finland
30.04 – 25.05.2008

It is all about time…

As a man of modern times, who seeks instant profit and pleasure and lives surrounded by anxiety created by noise, bustle and information flood on climate change, I experience something strange when I see a block of rock which has stood unaltered in the same place for ten thousand years, or a root which has been silently growing for centuries. They tell me about time, about the eternity of a man’s life, in a way nothing else can, and they help me, at least a little bit, to measure my own significance in time.

A few years ago, I and my wife Eeva went to southern France to visit a person with whom I lived for a long time as a teenager. She was a 94-year-old Polish woman Broncia, a well-known French informalist painter’s wife whom I regarded as my second mother. Broncia had in the past philosophized with Gertrude Stein, reproached Dali for being vain when he earned his living as a dance instructor, been a target of Picasso’s indifference, fed the hungry and penniless Giacometti brothers and so on. When Broncia saw pictures of our works, she said: “Paint the nature, children, paint the nature.”

Perhaps it was due to one of the stories I heard then that the visual arts unconsciously became rooted within me already at that time. This exhibition is an expression of gratitude to Broncia.

Juan Antonio Muro

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